Company: Intuit

Founders: Scott Cook and Tom Proulx

Industry: Intuit is an American software company that specializes in financial and tax preparation computer programs for small businesses, accountants, individuals.


Incorporated in Delaware, Intuit is now headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company aims to change the way people and businesses manage their finances. With 15 million customers and over 3,500 employees, Intuit is fast becoming a leader in electronic finance. The firm’s products and services primarily allows people to connect to a wide array of financial resources and destinations, such as banks, insurance companies, lenders, investment firms, and tax agencies. Ultimately, Intuit’s goal is completely interconnecting an individual’s financial life.

Intuit is the brainchild of Scott Cook, an entrepreneur who co-founded the company with Tom Proulx. It all started when one night he and his wife were sitting in their kitchen and calculating their bills. It occurred to Cook that there must be an easier way to manage their household finances. Inspired to start a software company that will take care of this concern, Scott turned to Stanford University to place an advertisement for a programmer. There, he met Tom Proulx, who happened to have experience in programming. Later on, Proulx wrote a check-balancing program that he and Cook used to launch Intuit.

Since then, Scott Cook and Tom Proulx have worked hand in hand to enhance their computer program, which they have called Quicken. In 1983, they formally launched the company, and in 1984, introduced Quicken. Then, in 1992, the company launched Quickbooks, a payroll processing software for small businesses. And, in 1995, Intuit started offering online banking and bill payment services.

In later more than two decades since the inception of Intuit, the company has maintained a number of foreign sales offices. It has activities in Intuit Canada and Intuit India. International product versions are also produced with the services of localizers or licensers.


Brad Smith – President and CEO
Aaron Patzer – Vice-president and General Manager
Anjali Pichai – Business Operations Manager

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