History of Corporations

All About Corporation History

History of Corporations is an informational resource website providing corporation histories for America’s oldest, best known, most successful, and/or industry leading companies. The corporation histories provided here include information on the founding of companies, the companies’ history from founding to present day, the direction companies are taking under present leadership, and interesting facts about the corporations.

History of Corporations is unique in that it compiles information about various companies side by side, enabling readers and researchers to compare corporations’ histories via short snapshots in similar or different industries. In this way, research on corporation histories can be accomplished all in one place. Information provided about the history of each corporation includes the following:

  • Name of the Company
  • Company Founders
  • Industry
  • Summary of the corporation’s history
  • Present Leadership
  • Interesting Facts

Site Navigation:

History of Corporations is a developing website that is growing by increments. History of Corporations will eventually represent corporation histories across all of the major industries. Corporations featured on this site are divided into the following industry categories:

  1. Agriculture, Mining
  2. Construction
  3. Education and Health Services
  4. Finance
  5. Government
  6. Information Industry
  7. Leisure and Hospitality
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Professional and Business Services
  10. Trade/Retail
  11. Transportation
  12. Utilities

For more information about categorization of corporations by industry, please view the industry tab. To locate companies by industry, refer to the navigation beneath the industry tab. To view all the companies featured at History of Corporations in alphabetical order, view the directory listing. To view the contents of the entire website, see the site map.

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