Johnson & Johnson

Company Name: Johnson & Johnson


· Robert Wood Johnson (Co-founder)

· James Wood Johnson (Co-founder)

· Edward Mead Johnson (Co-founder)

Industry: Major Drugs, Health Care


The global American medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods manufacturer started when Robert Wood Johnson, who was inspired by a speech made by antisepsis advocate Joseph Lister, teamed up with brothers Edward Mead Johnson and James Wood Johnson to make a line of surgical dressings in the year 1885. A year later, the company rolled out its range of products. Immediately a year after that, the company was constituted as a legal corporation.

Robert Wood Johnson acted as the first president of the pharmaceutical company and worked to improve the sanitation standards and practices during that time. He also lent his name to a medical facility in New Brunswick, New Jersey. On his passing in 1910, his sibling James Wood Johnson succeeded him in taking the helm of the company. James’ tenure lasted for 22 years. His son, Robert Wood Johnson II, succeeded him.

Johnson & Johnson’s products include a plethora of first aid supplies and medications. Some of its most popular merchandise include baby products, Neutrogena beauty and skin products, the entire line of Band-Aid bandages, Clean & Clear facial wash, Tylenol medications, and Acuvue contact lenses.

At present, the company’s base is situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. Johnson & Johnson’s consumer division is based in Skillman, New Jersey. The pharmaceutical company now has 250 subsidiaries with businesses in over 57 countries. With its products sold globally in over 175 countries, the company has made revenue of $53 billion for the year 2006.


· William C. Weldon - Chairman and CEO

· Dominic J. Caruso – VP Finance and CFO

· Brian D. Perkins – VP Corporate Affairs

Trivia: The great-grandson of the Robert Wood Johnson, Jamie Johnson, made a documentary film entitled Born Rich; it discusses his day-to-day experiences in growing up as the future successor to one of the planet’s greatest riches.

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