Church & Dwight Co, Inc.

Company: Church & Dwight Co, Inc.

John Dwight (co-founder)
Dr. Austin Church (co-founder)

Industry: (Various) Consumer Goods

In 1846, John Dwight and his brother-in-law Dr. Austin Church began manufacturing bicarbonate of soda. The first factory was in the kitchen of Dwight’s home, with baking soda put in paper bags by hand. This partnership led to the creation of John Dwight and Company in 1847. Their first product carried the name Cow Brand and became immensely popular.

The popularity prompted Dr. Church to realize a bigger necessity for saleratus of baking soda. This became a focal reason for the development of larger production facilities. Dr. Church eventually formed a partnership with John Dwight and their business became known as Church & Company. They did business Church’s sons James and E. Dwight. To identify the baking soda made by Church & Co, Dr. Church use the brand ARM & HAMMER as his trademark.

In 1896, the offspring of the founders merged their interests under the name of Church & Dwight Company Incorporated. Today, the use of bicarbonate of soda is no longer restricted to the kitchen. It is now being used throughout the household, in every phase of personal hygiene and housekeeping, and even for personal hygiene. ARM & HAMMER is now known all over the world.

The Church & Dwight Company currently owns a number of subsidiary companies such as Scrub Free, Sedomy Lite, SnoBol, Trojan Condoms, Close-up and Pepsodent.

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